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October 29 2014


The Best Business Cards In The World Today

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June 10 2014

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June 04 2014

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May 03 2014

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Cherry blossom petals fill the river.

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"are you one of us?"

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Heh.. How did you even accomplish this?! The cook in me is confused..

lmao~ it sticks to the lid~ I assume the rice is from the sticky variety~ :o

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April 23 2014

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April 13 2014

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March 19 2014

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Lana Del Queen
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February 08 2014

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Exploded Hardware Wall Art


The gang at Bolt.io realized that the walls in their office deserved some special attention, and they got it by mounting exploded hardware throughout the space. They sourced the used devices from eBay, then carefully broken them down into their components and mounted each on its own sheet of PETG. The result: exploded views of some of their favorite hardware, including a MacBook Pro, a Roomba, a Dyson Air Multiplier, and more.

Is it a hack? Eh, maybe. This is the first example we’ve seen of a collection of devices on display in this fashion. Regardless, it’s worth a mention considering what happened in the office as a result of the installation. Though the original purpose was simply to decorate the walls, it seems employees have been staring at them regularly, learning more about the designs, the plastics, and the component choices. Think of it as still life—depicting that moment you cracked open a device to inspect its guts—frozen in permanence and on display for both inspiration and convenience.

[via reddit | Thanks Buddy]

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December 21 2013

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